METZ, Fake Palms, New Fries @ The Silver Dollar 4/30/2017

Last night was the final night of chaos for The Silver Dollar. I spent a lot of time there over the past few years and wrote my feelings out in a Facebook post today.

I'll miss you Silver Dollar <3. Thanks for the good times Dan Burke- It was one of my first club venues before I was…

Posted by Tiana Feng on Monday, May 1, 2017

The night kicked off with weirdo rockers New Fries. Their set was 20 minutes of spazz that culminated in a slow repeated ending of two notes. Some of us kept waiting for something to happen after those two notes, but ultimately we were being cruelly teased.

Fake Palms (who for some reason always gets placed in the middle of punk bills) felt a little bit out of place with their non-aggro psych pop.

Standing at the front by the stage, I could feel the anticipation for Metz. Not only was this their first hometown show in 2 years, but a small venue, where many punk bands had their humble beginnings. As soon as they started “The Swimmer” things got rowdy. There was constant crowd surfing while the band powered through their greatest hits like “Acetate” and “Headache”. Everyone screamed long and headbanged with all their rage (that the venue was closing).

Before the last song, the legendary Dan Burke came on stage to say some final words. Right until the end, he told the audience that it was “all about the bands”, a statement from a man who’s genuinely cared about the music and artists he books. This is an ethos he instilled in Ride the Tempo, as we write about the music we care about. The finale of the night was “Wet Blanket” which culminated in Dan Burke crowd surfing on the Silver Dollar sign. I don’t think it could’ve ended any more perfectly and I still have chills after witnessing something that will one day be told in the history books.