HOAN, Duchess Says @ Baby G 4/21/2017 #CMW2017

Continuing my trend of (accidentally) only checking out bands from Montreal this year, I caught HOAN’s album release party at the Baby G, also a part of Exclaim!’s showcase series. Their latest effort, Modern Phase, is going to be released next week (April 28), and if their showcase was anything to go on, their take on new wave is going to take them places. The songs were dense, sharp and danceable – which makes for great new wave/post-punk in my book. – Lisa

1am may have been late for most people, but it seems appropriate that the cult of Duchess Says would rise after midnight. Singer Annie Claude leads the room in yelps and vocables, embellished by the fast playing of the band. Everybody followed as she commanded them to split the room into two, crouch down, or dance under plastic bags. Those who have never seen/heard of her will always wonder what the hell is going on, but fall in love by the end of the set. – Tiana