Das mörtal, Beat Market, Zoo Owl, Paupière @ Longboat Hall 4/20/2017 #CMW2017

On Thursday night, Ride the Tempo’s partnered showcase with Lisbon Lux took place at the newly renovated Longboat Hall.

After some networking, I arrived in time for the electric set of Paupiere who endearingly danced and contorted on stage while showing off their 80s inspired electropop.

Next up was Toronto’s Zoo Owl. He might’ve had a broken leg that night but did not disappoint with his theatrics. His light-up goggles and blowing smoke added to the atmosphere of the marsh pop being played.

Zoo Owl might’ve reminded us visually of aliens, but it was Beat Market that took us to space with their Daft Punk, inspired grooves. Charismatic vocalist AIZA joined on stage for the track “See What I Mean”.

Finally producer Das mörtal (formerly Elektro-boy) finished the night with new wave techno.