Going into CMW, Tim Darcy’s showcase at the Baby G was definitely one of the showcases noted on my must-see list. His recent solo record, Saturday Night, is an absolutely great album, and I’m a fan of his work in Ought, one of Montreal’s finest art-punk bands. Darcy, backed by Charlotte Cornfield (who had played her own set earlier that night) on drums and Rachel Cardiello (bass/viola), played a tremendous set. Beyond playing some of the best cuts from Saturday Night, the crowd at the Baby G was also treated to some new material. One of my favourite showcases of the week, I’m a big fan of the way the music melds together different styles, from 80s gloomy pop to straight up garage/indie rock.

Before Tim Darcy and his band hit the stage, Montreal’s The Luyas gave us a taste of their discordant indie rock, complete with horn section. I wasn’t particularly familiar with The Luyas before checking them out at this show, but I have to note that I did like them live a lot more than the recordings I listened to before the show. The most interesting thing about their set was the intricate arrangements for each song, supplemented by a horn section.