The Zoobombs, MunizO, Knifey, Little Boxer @ The Silver Dollar 4/18/2017 #CMW2017

Last week was Canadian Music Week and the Ride the Tempo team was out and about at different showcases. The Silver Dollar only lives (in its current form) until the end of the month and it would’ve been a shame to not see The Zoobombs there one last time.

Beginning the night, was Toronto rock band Little Boxer, playing one of their last shows in a while as they will be one less member. Their performance was full of energy that got the audience hyped.

However, I think a few people were a bit too hyped and KNIFEY had a few fans that were a bit too obnoxious, that it borderline became unsafe for the rest of the audience. There were many people getting pushed over for no reason by 2-3 aggressive people, not like a regular mosh pit. Anyways, I had a convo about this with the band on Twitter and they listened and said they would be more mindful in the future:

The night became smoother as MunizO, a Toronto-based band originally from Japan, took the stage. All the members were a joy to watch, especially the charismatic and intense looking drummer Yuta. Brothers Taro and Jiro Fuka brought out the solos. This is a band with big dreams who left a Japanese label deal to busk and now play on the stages in Toronto. Their style is a funky math rock with playfully unexpected twists.

There were many chances to see The Zoobombs all week at The Silver Dollar and other venues, so if you didn’t see them you were doing something wrong. These dudes also relocated to Toronto from Japan and have been a band for around 23 years. The band’s longevity could be heard in just how tight they were on stage. Frontman Don Matsuo still had the energy and allure of someone younger as they impressed the audience with their rock n roll tunes. “In Toronto, The Silver Dollar is our home,” Matsuo said. The days of the venue’s life are numbered but it’s touching to hear how much it meant to some of our local musicians.