[Album Review] Teen Daze- Themes For Dying Earth
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Release Date: February 10th, 2017
Label: FLORA

Though the album title has anxious tones, the actual sound of Teen Daze’s Themes For Dying Earth comes from a place of therapy. It sounds like it exists to calm the angst of the world.

We hear the dribble of rainwater in the album opener “Cycle”. The album is much a natural progression from 2015’s Morning World, where nature played a sunnier role.

At times, the album can test the listener’s patience, letting sounds repeat themselves until they are engrained in our heartbeats, such as in the expansive “Dream City” or slow moing “Breath”. Other times, he uses this expanse of time to illustrate the longing and loneliness of a rainy day (“First Rain”).

The upbeat moments are still Jamison Isaak at his best (“Lost”, “Cherry Blossoms”, “Rising”), moments that are most yearned for. Nadia Huelett provides a dreamy feature on “Lost”, like the Eve to Isaak’s Adam. “Cherry Blossoms” on the other hand is a lush build up to an unexpected fade through touristy samples.

Nature takes it’s time, and that’s a message that Isaak is engraving in Themes for Dying Earth, to remind ourselves that we should slow down occasionally too.