Montreal’s Beat Market & APigeon’s otherwordly tune “Atlantis” now gets some gorgeous visuals. Those outfits almost fit the style of Lady Gaga.

Here’s what APigeon have to say about the video and process:

“The lyrics for this song are the mirror of our perceptions but also the utopic land and ideal state. State of mind and mindfulness – nothingness & illusions – I wrote these words and jumped in the ideology that anything is possible at once and at the same time.

Human beings often use meditation or psychedelics to reach these realms of visions. I wanted to embody this connection and played with different situations where your perceptions are distorted. An infinite chaotic dance of the same but different situation. From dark times to knowing there’s always a possibility.

When it comes to birth and life creation, even before there is a spark that ignites both feminine and masculine or genderless (+&-) entities that gives life to a baby, there is a movement of synchronicity. What if love is reincarnation of energy? A wave, then life.

Life follows us in every movement, actions and visions in the inner web of our brains. Through our intentions, thoughts and actions we leave a trace of light and forge the future nest of our global wave. Darkness is the absence of light not the absence of life.”

Beat Market will be playing our CMW showcase in partnership with Lisbon Lux on April 20th.