[Album Review] Dean Drouillard- Flood
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Release Date: March 17th, 2017

After last year’s instrumental ‘UFO House’ album, Dean Drouillard returns with tunes that are sung. Frankly it’s a bonus because all the craftsmanship and compositional skills he displayed on that album are still on full display here, so getting back to his usual singing mode just adds another (welcome) dimension.

Drouillard has a soft, expressive voice, making it well suited to the material on ‘Flood’, which is essentially indie with a singer-songwriter bent. The vocals are versatile enough to tackle the near-rocker “Stargazer” and the hushed “Mermaid” with equal aplomb. Mind you, in the latter case it certainly helps when you have such strong lyrics as, “My toes in the water/Just a shell on the sand/Starting over”.

Then there is the music. If anything it is even stronger than on “UFO House”, from songs drenched in ambience (“Mystery”) to others that are far livelier, such as “Fall Away” with its blaze of grunge guitar. It also gives us a thrill to hear touches of discordance, like the fuzzed out guitar towards the end of “Hero”.

In short, this time out Drouillard brings to bear all aspects of his talents and cranks out one of the strongest records of his career.