[Album Review] Peter Peter- Noir Éden
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Release Date: February 24th, 2017
Label: Audiogram
You don’t need to necessarily understand French to enjoy Peter Peter’s Noir Éden.

Right rom the first track “Bien réel”, the album presents nostalgia electropop vibes. But despite the pop sounds, there’s a hint of sadness, a not-so hidden depression.  After all, his last album was called Une version améliorée de la tristesse (translated to “An improved version of sadness”). Noir Éden continues to present that undertone.

There are so many loveable pop gems. “Damien” is irresistable in melody. “Nosferatu” uses a chorus for playful effect. But no matter how fun it gets, there is poetry in all of it.”Toi ma goutte d’espoir la seule J’entends sous ta peau battre le tambour” (“You’re my only drop of hope/ I hear the beating drum under your skin”).

“Orchidée” has one of the most interesting arrangements, a tropical pop drum sound with an array of synths. No plugins were used in the recording. In fact, he is known to just put his computer in front of speakers to record synths the lo-fi way.

“Loving Game” was supposedly written for Celine Dion, but I’m glad Peter Peter kept it to himself as it nudges itself into the folds of the middle so perfectly even though it is an English song in an album primarily in French. But regardless of the language, Peter Peter’s Noir Éden is poetry you can feel.