RALPH @ The Drake Underground 3/22/2017

RALPH just dropped her debut self-titled EP, which seriously has no bad songs, so it was no surprised that her release show at The Drake was completely sold out.

The release is only 6 songs, so her set was just as short, but the audience hung onto every moment. We knew every word of the Aziz Ansari inspired “Something More” and “Cold to the Touch” (the first few singles released on the internet). Raffa Weyman made fun of blogs calling her an ice queen with the latter. I actually had to look up if we did (no we didn’t).

“Baby you should know us girls we talk,” resonated with me as she sung the playful “Tease”, with her bandmates recreating the fun arrangement live. Her songs are so relatable, even though she lightheartedly told us the songs are about nobody.

Seriously, stream and fall in love with these 6 songs: