[Album Review] Homeshake- Fresh Air
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Release Date: February 3rd, 2017
Label: Royal Mountain Records

‘Fresh Air’ is basically ‘Midnight Snack’ Part 2, as it musically and thematically picks up where the last album left off. We are again treated to a collection of down-tempo, breezy r&b-flavoured tunes, delivered with humour and a stoner attitude.

Songs like “Call Me Up” are almost straight-ahead contemporary soul-pop, along the lines of, say, D’Angelo. However, Peter Sagar (aka Homeshake) adds a bit of whimsy to the mix on other songs, such as “Every Little Thing”, which has a bass line as wonky as all get-out. The track that perhaps takes the cake though is the title track. Backed by a synth that sounds like a distant dust storm, Sagar croons in a virtual caricature of modern bedroom r&b. The wah-wahs in the background don’t do anything to dampen the mood of humourous pastiche.

The one snag is that this IS as good as ‘Midnight Snack’ , but not better. Everyone knows that a sequel has to be better than the first to be considered as good. So, if you liked Sagar’s previous album you’ll like this too. Just don’t expect any quantum leaps.