[Album Review] Tim Darcy- Saturday Night
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Release Date: February 17th, 2017
Label: Jagjaguwar

Ought frontman Tim Darcy sets himself free in his solo album Saturday Night.

It starts with the high spirited “Tall Glass of Water”. Water being a theme that occurs again in “Around Again” where he sings “Why is it that you can’t stare into the sun but you can stick your head into a bucket of water and breathe in deep?”

With Ought, the songs are bit more held back, serious, some of these songs were even in fruition before the band. On Saturday Night, we see Darcy take strange twist and turns like the eerie middle of “Joan, Pt 1, 2”, which resolves into a calming major key.

Darcy played a lot with vocables in Ought, but on this record they are welcoming (“You Felt Comfort”). My personal favourite track on the album is the tender love ballad “Still Waking Up” with playful guitar licks.

The album gets a bit more ominous after the instrumental track “First Final Days”. “Saturday Night” is like someone waking up from a drug or psychotic haze. His vocals and the screetching instrumentals as he screams “Let Me Out” are bone chilling. This introspection continues on a reverb-filled acoustic track called “Found My Limit”.

“What Would You Release?” is a simple piano ballad (in chord structure) with Darcy delivering heavy lyrics. “There’s a pain beyond that glass, that you only get rid of when you’re wet to the bone,” he sings.

The album ends with a claustrophobic and slightly chaotic instrumental called “Beyond Me”, but if you continue listening a hidden track called “Joan Pt. 3” acts like your radio alarm waking you up to sunshine the next morning.

The songs seem to transition naturally into each other and before you know it you’re at the end. Saturday Night is like one long frolic a on weekend that inevitably ends in a dark spot, but you wake up alive the next day.