Julie Doiron & The Wrong Guys, Fake Palms, FET.NAT, WHOOP-Szo @ The Garrison 2/18/2017 #WL17

I was late for Saturday’s Wavelength show, so I was sad to have missed Helena Deland playing with a full band but I did manage to catch Whoop-szo, FET.NAT, Fake Palms and Julie & The Wrong Guys.

I strolled in as Whoop-szo were already on stage impressing people with their sludgey alt rock that occasionally bursts with metal and political influence.

Quebec art punk band FET.NAT was one of my favourite discoveries of the weekend. They were uncategorizable and weird. I often asked myself what on earth was going on, but at the same time dug the confidence they had in their sound and ability to be unpredictable. There was crazy a saxophonist hitting high notes, a plethora of strange card board signs and groovy rhythms that were hypnotizing. They kept the audience on constant intrigue until the very end.

Fake Palms follow with their post-rock vibes. Live the darkness of songs remind me a little of Preoccupations.

Closing Saturday night was Julie Doiron & The Wrong guys, her project with Eamon McGrath and Mike Peters and Jaye Schwarzer from the Cancer Bats. This was not a quiet Doiron set that’s for sure, there was punk fervor to the normally alt-folk songwriter.