Yes, three years is a long time. Too long. So it’s about time we got some new Timber Timbre.

“Velvet Gloves & Spit” finds vocalist at his silky soothe finest. Same can be said of the atmospheric and gauzy music.

The accompanying video was created by artist and poet Cristine Brache. “The song stands on its own,” she tells Exclaim.“Any attempt to try to overshadow that would weaken the video. I think the music video’s job is to provide opportunities for the viewer to see non-linear gestures and moments and to give the song space. A good song needs a lot of space.”

Adds vocalist Taylor Kirk, “I think the result is something that feels very true and candid. They seemed to understand the essence of the music very well. Though euphemistic the discipline ritual in the video is softly charged and shows a kind of tenderness and romance to the fixations parallel in the song.”