STACEY, Kirty, Maccie, Helena Deland @ The Silver Dollar 1/20/2017

On Friday, Ride the Tempo co-presented a showcase with Exclaim! for their 25th Anniversary. We had a fantastic lineup featuring four female fronted acts: STACEY, Kirty, Maccie and Helena Deland.

Montreal’s Helena Deland gave us chills with her atmospheric folk music that began the night. She does have a full band, but Friday night she performed solo. Her effortless delivery wowed the early crowd, some of which came specifically for her first Toronto show. I spoke with her earlier on in the night, so stay tuned for an interview.

Maccie dazzled us in a different ways as she powerfully belted out piano ballads or more electronic tracks, accompanied by a guitar player. She had an amazing stage presence as she sang with fiery emotion.

The most people on stage during the night was during Kirty’s set, who was playing with most of the members of Fast Romantics as well as Raven Shields (two bands who she’s also involved in). This allowed all the beautiful arrangements on her recent self-titled album to be showcased.

Last but not least STACEY entranced us with a short set of new moody pop featuring a full band. If you’re a fan of Lana Del Rey, look out for STACEY in 2017.