Better late than never! Here are our favourite albums of 2016. There are many factors that go into this list such as contributor votes, original album rating and how much they are personally played. We don’t care about album sales or the popularity of the artist. We reviewed a record number of albums in 2016 so this took a while but we hope this list will help you discover something you may have missed.

20. Tegan and Sara – Love You to Death (Warner)

“Tegan and Sara made synth pop great again. I dare you to listen to “U-Turn” without dancing.” – Jonas Cornelsen

19. Carly Rae Jepsen- Emotion – Side B (Sony)
“These songs are so earwormy that it’s no wonder they decided to see the light of day.” – Tiana Feng

18. JOJO Worthington – \\ (Epoch Tapes)

With every song being a perfect gem the only complaint is that the album isn’t long enough” – Mark Anthony Brennan

17. Klo Pelgag- L’étoile thoracique (Coyote Records)
“This album is full of beautiful poetic metaphors and inventive yet intimate arrangements.” – Tiana Feng

16. Bart – Holomew (Idée Fixe)
Holomew is the perfect combination of experimentation and a good time.” – Tiana Feng

15. Shan Vincent de Paul- Saviours (Independent)
Shan Vincent De Paul can hold his own in the lion’s den, the ark, and inside the belly of the leviathan. He is an artist who is already doing well in his goal of becoming an icon. Here’s hoping he reaches his spiritual peak, feeling like he can go beyond it.” – Dustin Ragucos

14. PUP- The Dream Is Over (Royal Mountain Records / Side One Dummy)

“PUP manages to trap 31 minutes of raw anger and emotion from your teenage years in The Dream Is Over.”- Tiana Feng

13. Lisa Leblanc- Why You Wanna Leave Runaway Queen (Bonsound)

“Leblanc manages to write all the songs you wish you did” – Tiana Feng

12. Hannah Georgas- For Evelyn (Dine Alone Records)

“Hannah Georgas released simultaneously her most intimate and infectious record.” – Tiana Feng

11. L Con- Moon Milk (Wildlife Sanctuary)
“In a work of near genius, Lisa Conway brings together a disparate array of musical styles to create one unified statement.” – Mark Anthony Brennan

10. BADBADNOTGOOD – IV (Arts & Crafts / Innovative Leisure)
“Collaborations abound on BBNG’s latest, but their greatest strength is (as always) their diosyncratic take on jazz as an element of modern music.” – Mark Anthony Brennan

9. Un Blonde- Good Will Come To You (Independent)

“Jean-Sébastien Audet entrances with a feel-good album of confessional urban-folk and R&B. The touch is light and the complexity is subtle, and all the better for it.” – Mark Anthony Brennan

8. Donovan Woods- Hard Settle, Ain’t Troubled (Meant Well)

“Hard Settle is the perfect combination of heartfelt storytelling and world-class production. Woods’s lyrics show his prowess as a country songwriter, but his musical style trades annoying twang for rich bass and palm-muted acoustic guitars”. – Jonas Cornelsen

7. Wizaard- Starfish Buffet (Independent)

‘Starfish Buffet’is such a sweet confection that it should end up giving you a toothache, and yet it doesn’t. Everything is so well constructed and produced, and more importantly there is such a high degree of creativity, that you end up with a well-filled belly rather than a trip to the dentist.” – Mark Anthony Brennan

6. Jessy Lanza- Oh No (Hyperdub)

“Lanza’s album Oh No showed the beauty in minimalism in this highly over-produced world.” – Tiana Feng

5. Suuns- Hold/Still (Secret City/Secretly Canadian)
“Suuns music encompass the tension and paranoia of an uncertain future that we’re all currently feeling.” – Tiana Feng

“With Suuns the organic (natural vocals and instruments) and the synthetic (heavy distortion, electronics) sometimes stand apart, sometimes flow side-by-side, and other times simply fuse together. In the end it doesn’t matter because everything is dystopian. What the hell, who wants a shiny bright future anyway? Sounds boring.” – Mark Anthoy Brennan

4. Molly Drag- Tethered Rendering (Independent)

For us, the record is an almost endless discovery as each listen reveals a new wispy layer of subtle complexity.” – Mark Anthony Brennan

3. Tanya Tagaq- Retribution (Six Shooter Records)

Following up on her award-winning ‘Animism” album. Tagaq comes up with an offering that is just as daring, adventurous and experimental — if anything, even more so on all counts.” – Mark Anthony Brennan

2. Essaie Pas- Demain est Une Autre Nuit (DFA Records)
Partners Pierre Guerineau and Marie Davidson return as Essaie Pas in their finest form, creating eerie soundscape that are simultaneously retro-sounding and futuristic.” – Mark Anthony Brennan

1. A Tribe Called Red- We Are the Halluci Nation (Pirates Blend)

“I don’t think there is an album in 2016 that is more powerful than A Tribe Called Red’s. With all that’s happened in 2016, including the Dakota Access Pipeline, this record really speaks of the year. However, this is not an album that people will pretend to like because it’s socially conscious, they will like it because it’s really fuckin’ good too.”  – Tiana Feng