We are thrilled today to be able to premiere a video by the multi-talented Clio Em.

“The first notes drift in as if from a dream, slow, tentative. The next notes dance. The following notes weep. Serge manages to play a melody that strikes me to my core.” (Clio Em, Gravity Wing)

An emotional piece from the album and novel Gravity Wing (clio-em.com/gravity-wing), Serge’s Song travels back in time to the tradition of the Bach suite, then far into the distant future to land on another planet where the spaceship engine industry dominates local society. Performed by dea.nice on folk violin (tuned C-G-D-A like a viola), the music illustrates a scene from the novel where the taciturn Serge finally opens up to Isabel, playing a melody for her that tells a tale of tragedy and love. The instrumental line is manipulated with subtle electronic facets, showing the edges of a construction that is at the same time both classical and contemporary.

The film by Hali Rey follows up on her most recent collaboration with Clio Em, Green, where conifer trees dance to a virelai. In Serge’s Song, two machines move in a mechanical minuet.

clio em – SERGE'S SONG (film: hali rey) from Clio Em on Vimeo.