Lisa Leblanc @ The Rivoli 10/14/2016

On Friday, Lisa Leblanc celebrated the launch of her latest record Why You Wanna Leave Runaway Queen? with a sold out show at the Rivoli. She was the only act on the bill but she was all it needed.

If you haven’t heard the new album yet, it is a seriously good time. She also sold enough albums in the first week to be #8 on the Billboard 200 Canadian chart. That is a grand accomplishment for an artist from middle of nowhere New Brunswick!

She has a crazy ability to be super honest and tell funny stories both on stage and in songs. It was a kicker to hear “Could You Wait ‘Til I’ve Had My Coffee?”, “I Love You, I Don’t Love You, I Don’t Know” and “Dump that Guy ASAP” live with people already singing along to them. The acoustic “5784km” is one of my favourite acoustic songs of the year and warmed our hearts live. In others she would shred the guitar or banjo (“Ace of Spades”, “City Slickers & Country Boys”).

There were plenty of old hits like “J’pas un cowboy” and crowd pleasing singalong “Aujourd’hui ma vie c’est d’la marde” (which literally translates to “Today my life is the shit”.

The night ended with an intimate solo performance of a song about loving someone in such an uncomplicated way that all you need is a life together where you eat Kraft Dinner.

If you have the chance to see Leblanc in a small venue do it, because those opportunities will disappear pretty soon.