[Album Review] Elephant Stone- Ship of Fools
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Release Date: September 16, 2016
Label: September 16, 2016

Comes a time in the life of almost every band when they have to decide whether to stick with what they know or forge the way ahead into new musical territories. Commendably, it would seem Elephant Stone have opted for the latter as they mix things up a bit on their new album ‘Ship of Fools’.

The overall vibe is mellower than before, and even when the songs kick some ass it’s with more of a ‘70s funk slap than a ‘60s rock punch, for example on “Cast the First Stone” and “Where I’m Going”. One truly welcome introduction is the infusion of some R&B, such as the swamp blues twang in “Manipulator” and the various blasts of female vocals in all their soul glory. However, only “The Devil’s Shelter” really knocks your socks off the way Rishi Dhir and the boys did on ‘The Three Poisons’.

Of course, it’s not all about rocking out, and the band can still fuck with your mind on the mid-tempo stuff, especially when Dhir goes heavy on the Indian influence, as he does in “Silence Can Say So Much”. Unfortunately, things get a little too mellow when “See the Light” and “Love is Like a Spinning Wheel” wander into yacht rock territory, with the overall effect being of bringing down the pace of the entire album.

It is true that what Elephant Stone lack in electric muscle they make up for in rhythm and groove, but that may not be quite enough for hard set fans of their previous outings.