Death Cab For Cutie, Jimmy Eat World, Matthew Good, The Hold Steady, New Pornographers, Marlon Williams, The Belle Game @ Toronto Urban Roots Festival 9/18/2016

The sun returned for the final day of TURF and I got there early to see The Belle Game have have recently signed with Arts & Crafts. Andrea Lo’s powerful vocals work well with their confessional songwriting.

Next over on the West Stage New Zealand’s Marlon Williams sang us sad folk songs. Seriously, the first song “Strange Things” was about losing his wife. His song delivery was interesting, often holding drawn out notes and emphasizing syllables to work with the rhythm of his stories.

The New Pornographers did well in “this bullshit hot day” (their words) beginning with hit “Brill Bruisers” while diving into a deep catalog that included 2005’s “Use It” and “The Bleeding Heart Show”.

The Hold Steady rejuvenated their 10 year old album Boys and Girls in America by playing it cover to cover for their set before settling into more hits which the crowd of hungry fans eagerly sang along to. Craig Finn maintained his energetic fervour flailing his arms around the stage.

Matthew Good of Matthew Good Band played both solo and songs of his old band. It was probably half and half. Whether you’re into his tunes or not, it was unmistaken that this was a veteran of Can-rock as he presented himself on stage.

One of the bands I was super excited to see TURF weekend was Jimmy Eat World, maybe because it reminded me of my 14 year old emo-girl self. And boy did they deliver all the hits including “Pain”, “Bleed American”, “Sweetness”, “Work” and of course finishing with the hit everyone knows and was waiting for, “The Middle”.

The final act of the night was Death Cab for a Cutie, which was a rather depressing band to end a wonderful festival on but they left us in a dreamy haze as we reminisced about the final days of summer.

TURF will also have a special place in my heart as a weekend full of global music and a wonderful crowd.