[Album Review] Graftician- wander/weave
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Release Date: July 22nd, 2016
Label: Independent

Graftician’s (Roxanne Nesbitt) lyrics are akin to the folk poetry of singer-songwriters, and yet her music has more of the urban vibe of an R&B artist. To add spice to the entire offering, she also has something  of an experimental leaning, producing post-rock intros and other flourishes.

Nesbitt is clearly open to virtual any musical influence. “the river will”, for example, starts with some jazz chords on the stand-up double bass before the song eases into more avant-indie territory, featuring odd vocal accompaniment and scattered “finger-snapping”. “brightside” sounds deceivingly yacht-rock with its leisurely pace and electric piano, but there subtle electronic moves in the background and at one point strings make a stately entrance. Elsewhere Nesbitt flirts with electronic ambience, indie folk, and indeed more jazz.

At the heart of it all, despite the colourful musical palette and the rich, though subtle, arrangements, lies Nesbitt’s soulful voice, plaintively contemplating matters of the heart, and other issues such as the degradation of the environment. Even when it comes to something as ostensibly simple as falling in love, she looks at the matter with fresh eyes, never resorting to hackneyed phrasing. “You fell, I fell, we fell hard in love,” she croons in “hard in love”, “like arrogant dreams/I have these arrogant dreams that you might stay with me.”