Ride the Tempo caught up with Jesse Nakano (Space Classic) and talked to him about his music and his latest video:

What is Space Classic?

Jesse Nakano:
It’s really about writing, recording and producing all in one, so Space Classic has been my vehicle to learn that. I had some ideas of songs I’d like to hear. And it’s an outlet for expressing my thoughts and convictions and feelings.

Do you perform live as a solo?

No. I do all the writing, performing and recording myself, but when it’s live it’s with a band of my friends. When we do create the live version of a song it takes on a whole different feel, which is cool too.

In the creation of a song, is it more about the music or more about the lyrics?

Music, I would say. It’s mainly about getting a certain feel that I like and then having the lyrics coincide with that. But my most popular songs are the ones with the most thoughtful lyrics, and I’m realizing those are also my favourite songs, so I’m beginning to think that I should put a lot more thought into the lyrics as well as the music.

What’s the deal with this video?

“Further” was the most popular song from my last album, and it was my favourite by far. My video producing friend Caleb (Ford) directed the video. He had the idea to do it as vertical 4K. It’s a different way to do it, so that when people watch it on their phone they get the whole picture in full HD. Caleb had some cool lighting ideas, so we just went with a really simple concept of me singing the song through in different locations. There was a get together at this bar in a tucked away place in an industrial part of Edmonton, so we figured let’s just go film in there. So we walked into this party put on by the King’s University and took some shots in the cooler areas of the bar. That party then became the focal point of the video.

Was there a deliberate attempt to recreate the feel of the song, or was it just go-with-the-flow?

Little bit of both. There was certainly a lot of go-with-the-flow, but we were also thinking about the aesthetic of the song and what it was about. It’s about departure from self over time, so I had this sombre, melancholic look on my face while other people are doing normal things and having fun. So, I’m not feeling it, like this is not where I want to be. But also we were just having fun with it to be honest. Just get a cool look out of it. Not really a heaping mound of meaning to it. We just did it!

Space Classic "Further" (Official Music Video) from Caleb Ford on Vimeo.

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