[Album Review] Sigh Down One- Memory is Short Longing
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Release Date: July 22nd, 2016
Label: L’Oeil du tigre

At the heart of Sigh Down One’s latest effort is a melding of two seemingly polar opposites — the hardcore/grunge crunch of the guitar/bass/drums and the sweet, shoegaze voice of Sasha Ford. Of course, it is rather naive (or maybe lazy analysis) to consider these elements opposites, when in fact neither one could exist without the other — at least, not in Sigh Down One’s case.

Of course, the sweet ’n’ salty combination of beautiful female voices and heavy guitar music isn’t something new, so it’s not just the fact that they do it that’s impressive but how they do it. The band uses the hardcore (sometimes punk or grunge or a combination of any of the three) element as a backwash upon which Ford paints her vocal pictures. So there isn’t a jarring contrast between the two elements at all, rather it is a harmonized whole. For that matter, Ford doesn’t always sing quite that sweetly (although she usually does). On “Leaving the Light On”, as an example, she meets the avalanche of near metal guitars head-on and matches the track’s tone, even while maintaining a lovely timbre in her voice.

Ford further adds to the overall excitement by inducing feedback and creating distortion on her guitar (she is also the lead guitarist in the trio), which lends an almost experimental edge as well as heightening tension.

In lesser hands the hardcore/beauty dichotomy could become a schtick, but Sigh Down One’s boundless energy and creativity keep matters away from the sin of sameness.