[Album Review] Plants and Animals- Waltzed in From The Rumbling
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Release Date: April 29th, 2016
Label: Secret City Records

Plants and Animals give contemporary indie a good name by never quite doing the expected and thereby forging an overall sound that is surely their own (although there are strains of Radiohead on occasion). So tracks like “No Worries” and “Off the Water” may arguably be considered conventional indie fare (although very well executed), but the same cannot be said of the majority of  ‘Waltzed in from the Rumbling’.

“Stay” is a good example of the band’s sound, with the song starting off as gentle folk and then becoming more upbeat and sort of “prog” (tremolo guitars, etc). Elsewhere the trio often indulge in yacht rock ballads (complete with electric piano), but there is almost always a twist, such as the weird turn of events (musically speaking) towards the end of “So Many Nights”. Perhaps the best moments come with “We Were One” and All of the Time”, on which lead singer Warren Spicer sounds a lot like Thom Yorke and both tracks come off like a folk-leaning Radiohead (this is really a good thing).

Although Plants and Animals aren’t quite “prog” or strange enough to join the ranks of, say, Radiohead, there is no question that they are not to be found in the Walwart discount bin of yet-another-indie-act offerings.