Psychic Pollution, QASM @ Copper Owl 9/8/2016

Last night I enjoyed an off-beat evening of electronic entertainment at Victoria’s Copper Owl. First up was a very odd set from a dude extracting drone and distortion from a stick (a type of electric stand-up bass) couple with some performance art by a young woman. She moved her body through a series of metal rings, which she eventually laid down and wrapped in sheets of paper. It was all fascinating. I have no idea who they are as they simply billed themselves as Untitled.

Next up was the solo artist QASM. Dressed in a hoodie and armed with a solitary leopard, he cranked out some old-school cinematic, analog-style sci-fi electronics. Yeah, think The Terminator and that ilk, but throw in some more contemporary techno. It was well performed and well received by the small but receptive audience.

Finally, the main event was Psychic Pollution (aka Jro J Schuurman). He is not one for physical performance, as he busied himself behind a panel of electronic equipment, but rather he let the music and the visual show do the talking. And that was certainly sufficient. The projected light show was a constantly shifting canvas of multi-coloured (and sometimes startlingly white) geometric shapes, lines and figures. It was the perfect complement to Schuurman’s kosmische-flavoured music, that featured subtle layers and intriguing progressions. Nice topper for a great evening of synth and experiment.

  • Allison Shine

    Um…you failed to mention the headlining act of this evening, Trial by Stone. Just FYI…

    • Mark Anthony Brennan

      No, we specifically went to cover Psychic Pollution. Unfortunately, couldn’t stay for Trial by Stone due to a deadline. Next time!