Described as a “concept album about being lost, found, and transformed by love,” Michael McGlennon’s Why Is the Path to Nowhere contemplates how and for what reason love can be lost and never found. Falling somewhere in between Chad VanGaalen, Bright Eyes and The Velvet Underground’s softer side, most of McGlennon’s newest full-length experiments with spacey electronic soundscapes, which help to underscore his melancholic, deadpan vocal delivery. However, album highlight “Your Budding Mind” shares the sad, sombre acoustic stylings of “Candy Says” or “Willow Tree” featuring a narrative full of loneliness, death and impending doom. Though McGlennon concludes, “[I] hope to find my place in abstracted rambling songs,” this lo-fi folk piece remains sharp and focused.

Michael McGlennon’s Why Is the Path to Nowhere is available September 1, 2016.