persons 123

This is a special premiere. Not only is the song new, but it marks the first time that the band has appeared under the new moniker PERSONS. The project started out as a solo affair under the stage name Nick Persons. Since its inception there have been additions to the family starting with DJ Choozey, then with the dancing/stage presence of Katie McDonald, Benita Whyte, Danielle Bessada and Max Kelly. It became much more of a collective entity. The line-up has solidified and the project acts as a platform for all members to express themselves, develop their stage personas/characters and confront issues of gender identity, complacency, sexual harassment, etc. So now Nick persons becomes PERSONS!

What better way to kick off things than this crazy number. A pounding disco beat provides a foundation for some loopy retro rap. Like a wild end-of-summer garden party this one bristles with energy and fun.