[Album Review] Fresh Snow- One
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Release Date: September 9th, 2016
Label: Hand Drawn Dracula

As I listened to ‘ONE’ for the first time I had to keep checking to make sure that the CD hadn’t skipped to another artist; that’s how varied the sound tended to be. This is a very good thing because “sameness” can kill even the best of albums. But the album is not a winner for variety alone. Fact is Fresh Snow excel at pretty well everything they try on.

On occasion they will resort to singing, whether it’s the male New Romantic crooning in “Mass Graves/Dance Caves” or the female chanson française in the bubbly “Three-Way Mirror”. Songs like these are excellent examples of artsy synthwave, but the band doesn’t lean on sung passages to hit the ball out the park; they can do that on their music alone. And what a fun romp it is. “January Skies” is prog/electro that slow builds to an exciting climax, while “I Can’t Die” goes all ‘70s in the vein of Focus. Elsewhere there is post-punk, faux groove and post-rock, just to name a few of the genres explored.

Through it all Fresh Snow display superior musicianship but more importantly they have a keen ear for the details in the compositional structure of their creations. It is ironic then that they arguably truly show their artistic worth on the more ambient/drone numbers (e.g. “Eat Me in St. Louis” or “Anytime Minutes”) because that is where you have to resist being too complex (less is more). Just goes to show you that they can do it all.

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  1. Gustavo

    This cd has been a great surprise. Excellent work!! Thanks for the review.