[Album Review] Hannah Georgas- For Evelyn
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Release Date: June 24, 2016
Label: Dine Alone Records

For Evelyn, the latest album by Hannah Georgas beautifully explores ones relationship with their own life through lush instrumentation and electronic flourishes.

Inspired by and named after her grandma, this is an intimate album. “Don’t Go” sings “don’t know what I’d do, if I lost you” in an emotional song about how important this family member was in her life. There’s haunting reverb to add to pain of not wanting to lose someone.

The opening “Rideback” asks the personal question, “Oh my god, who the hell am I?” where “Evelyn” proclaims that she is not afraid of the future that is to come in a danceworthy track. The profoundly sad ballad “Walls” speaks of how she personally let go before her grandmother had left this world. The saxophone fused “Waste” is fun but sings of not being enough for someone, a complicated relationship between two people.

There are songs about non-family relationships too in the second half of the album (“Loveseat” and “Naked Beach”). “Crazy Sh**t” explores the urges people feel when they’re around someone they’re attracted to.

Georgas has figured out in this album how to make an album that is both her most intimate and affectionate and full of great electropop hits.