Cloud Nothings, Odonis Odonis, Moss Lime, LAL, Spek Won, Casper Skulls, Hex @ Camp Wavelength 8/20/2016

Saturday afternoon begun with this year’s Girls Rock Camp band Hex. The youngsters kicked butt and the lead singer was like a mini version of Frigs‘ Bria Salmena.

New Buzz Records members Casper Skulls played sun-soaked garage rock including the introductory single “Mink Coats”.

Rapper Spek Won took the stage next with his partner Shi Wisdom and a live band. Their style is classic old school hip-hop with a modern twist. They were not afraid to present lyrics with controversial topics like police colliding with people of colour.

Global soul artist LAL may have been around for over 18 years but they’re still going against the grain with their musical output. Political themes were turned into alluring melodies with a magnificent performance.

I had a break between sets to enjoy some synchronized swimmers and to write myself a post-card that would be mailed to myself at an unknown time in the future at my friend Kate Killet’s Posivibes tent.

I came back to bilingual surf rockers Moss Lime taking the stage. It was all very chill as the sun began to set.

It got darker (literally) and musically as Odonis Odonis took the stage with Post Plague’s industrial sounds. They had noticeably ditched live drums for electronics. Their loudness only warmed up the audience for what was to come.

Cloud Nothings will always be one of those bands I just love to hear (but not necessarily watch) live. It’s more about the loud melodic sounds they make the get the audience head banging and swaying. The cacophony is beautiful.

I didn’t stay for the late night program as I needed to save my energy for day 3!