[Album Review] LAL - Find Safety
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Release Date: April 29, 2016
Label: Coax Records
As LAL themselves assert, their music is a kind of intersection where several worlds meet. The studio meets the street, soul meets techno, and serious discourse meets the fun of dancing. Also, in a sense East meets West, as musical influences as exotic as Bengali make their way into the mix. And the centre of it all the beats and rhythms of producer Nicholas Murray meet the soulful vocals of Rosina Kazi, whose singing voice bears more than a passing resemblance to Sade.

And what a combination they make. On songs like “Dead Happiness” Kazi emotes with silky smoothness as a vaguely Carribean beat dances around an intricate arrangement. Elsewhere the beat gets more dark and post-punk (“Rules Where Meant To Be Broken”) or more kraut/motorik (“Find Safety”), but it’s always danceable, despite the hints of matters more serious (lyrically). Kazi’s voice is consistently rich and warm throughout, even when things tend to get a little experimental (“Close”). On “Rubish” she almost gets down to rapping as she vents about the rubbish one has to contend with on the streets of the city, but the song remains melodic and soulful.

The LAL city corner is as lively as a cosmopolitan intersection can get. The experience is rich, the conversation intelligent, but above all it’s a fun place to hang out.