Shotgun Jimmie, Horses, TUNS, Dilly Dally, By Divine Right, Adrian Teacher and the Subs @ Sappyfest 7/29/2016

Last weekend, I went to Sappyfest, an intimate festival in the quaint little town of Sackville, New Brunswick. I stayed in the Mount Allison University dorms close by. The festival a main stage on the street and other venues within the block. Everything was within walking distance.

Our festival started with a local youth showcase. They were followed by a super fun set by Adrian Teacher & The Subs. Teacher teased the audience with random nicknacks including surfboards, balls and those plastic slapping hand things. The set was complete with Teacher crowdsurfing to “Terminal City”.

Classic rockers By Divine Right performed an energetic set led by José Miguel Contreras. It’s amazing that after more than 25 years, Contreras can still work a crowd.

The energy continued with Toronto punk rockers Dilly Dally. Katie Monks snarled her way through the band’s debut Sore, oldies like “Alexander” and the most badass cover of Drake’s Know Yourself you’ll ever hear.

Closing the night on the main stage was supergroup TUNS composed of Mike O’Neill from Inbred, Chris Murphy of Sloan and Matt Murphy of the Super Friendz. Sappy director Lucas Hicks even gifted the group with a special jacket with the band’s name. It was already hot and sweaty in there from both the weather and Dilly Dally’s tent but Matt Murphy played along and wore it. Their solo-filled feel good rock was the most delightful way to end the night on the street.

Continuing the night, I headed to the bar Thunder & Lightning, where shows were being held at the bowling alley at the back. It was a super small venue so things got sweaty once punk/hardcore band Horses started. It was a rare treat as the group had not performed in a few years.

My night ended with a performance from the unofficial mayor of Sackville Shotgun Jimmie.

Night 1 of Sappyfest had already set the bar high!