Ought, Partner, Little Scream, The Wooden Scars, Fake Palms, The Dirty Nil + More @ Sappyfest 7/30/2016

Day 2 of Sappyfest was just as packed with exciting goodies.

It began with Sackville slacker-rock band Fish Food and PEI’s Sorrey which featured members of Paper Lions & Two Hours Traffic.

Halifax’s Century Egg gave us a bilingual set of both Mandarin and English pop and Hooded Fang led a psychedelic dance party. It was slightly awkward that Daniel Lee was reading the lyrics.

Though it was still afternoon, The Dirty Nil brought the punk early. Frontman Luke Bentham was decked out in a star-covered long sleeve shirt and captivated the audience with his wild stage antics until he was dripping with sweat. There were very little breaks between cuts of Higher Power and the classic “Fuckin’ Up Young” and the audience was in for the ride.

Next I headed to the Vogue Theatre to experience a beautiful performance by singer/songwriter LUKA before heading to Ducky’s for a Kazoo! Fest (Guelph) sponsored showcase of Badminton Racquet and the charming Cupcake Ducktape.

Back at the mainstage Fake Palms performed their jangly bedroom pop. Following that was a set by iconic band Wooden Stars made up of Michael Feuerstack Julien Beillard, Josh Latour, Mathieu Beillard and Andrew McCormack. It would be one of two sets they’d play during the festival.

Hot on the release of Cult Following, Little Scream entranced the audience with the critically acclaimed record.

The undeniable highlight of the night was hometown heroes Partner joined by a few friends as backing vocalists. This was like the 4th time I have seen Partner this year but it’s always a good time full of hilarious lesbian pop punk lyrics, guitar solos and on-stage nonsense.

I finished the night with post-punk band Ought, who I had just seen last week at Hillside but always put on a great set!