This season of Electric Island has been bigger than ever.

The Civic Holiday long weekend came to a great close with another awesome edition of Electric Island. I found this one to be one of the best ones I’ve attended as it catered to the sort of techno that I like.

I came in half way through Andhim’s set and I thought it provided a great soundtrack as the sun started to set. The set had more of a tech-house atmosphere, so everyone indulged in the chilled out vibe.

As Kenny Glasgow took over, things began to pick up a little bit as he provided a much harder hitting track list to get everyone hyped. Being from Toronto, Kenny Glasgow was a crowd favourite as everyone went nuts for him.

Gui Boratto had a more eclectic set list and also a little harder hitting. He is well known for his minimal production, but his live sets combine more progressive elements making him one of the more unique artists to play at Electric Island.

One of my favourite techno DJs, Paul Kalkbrenner took over as the sun had already set and things got very wild. He played signature tracks that can be found on the Berlin Calling soundtrack, which was a great treat. Kalkbrenner is well known for playing open air events in Berlin, so he definitely brought a taste of Berlin techno to Toronto. I thought his set was by far the best I’ve heard at Electric Island.


Overall the production of the event has greatly improved since last year, now with a cooling station that sprays water for those who’ve been standing in the sun for a while, and there were a few food trucks that provided some good munchies for the crowd. I also noticed a growing number of sampling booths for liquor brands which gave everyone more options for drinks making the traditional bar lines a little shorter.

Be sure to check out the up and coming Electric Island happening in September as it is goning to be a double header! Be sure to like their facebook page for more details: