[Album Review] Alexandria Maillot- Time
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Release Date:  June 10, 2016
Label: Independent

It’s doubtful that Alexandria Maillot tries on a number of styles throughout the album ‘Time’ merely for the purpose of avoiding being pigeonholed. It is more likely a case of her expressing whatever comes naturally, genre-wise. However, it is indeed a good thing that the album does have such variety. Not only does it keep things interesting but it also affords Maillot the opportunity to showcase the breadth of her talent. With the timbre of her voice she could easily gravitate towards contemporary country, but given the creative graveyard that would entail it is lucky for us all that she avoids any such tendencies.

It’s on the tremolo-guitared country-blues number “Lonely Soul” that Maillot demonstrates the capability to be a Nashville queen if she so wished. Even here, however, her vocals lean more towards the indie-soul of Adele than the likes of, say, Shania Twain. In any case, as much rollicking fun as that particular song is, it is a relief that it isn’t fully indicative of Maillot’s oeuvre. Elsewhere there is the inventive indie pop of “Sunday Sara” and the more R&B-infused “Did You Want to Tell Me Something?”

If it can be said that Maillot has a “signature sound” then it’s arguably the folk-dreampop on such songs as “Sans” and “Other Line”. The latter song is particularly poignant in its ethereal beauty. This is not the twangy, nasal, saccharine-sweetness of country radio. In fact, lyrically this song is not sweet at all, but it nevertheless has buoyancy that makes you want to float off on a cosmic wave.