[Album Review] Weaves - Weaves
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Release Date: June 17, 2016
Label: Buzz Records / Kanine Records / Memphis Industries

When Rattail first dissolved, I thought it was a tragedy but after hearing the evolution of Jasmyn Burke to Weaves I finally understood that decision. Weaves, their first full album refines weird into something that is both fun and intriguing.

The record draws you in with the poppy “Tick”. A distinct distorted guitar twangs along with the melodies of Burke’s vocals in a sort of collaborative interplay, a theme that happens throughout. In “Birds & Bees” the vocals and guitar (played by Morgan Waters previously of Sweet Thing) are almost having their own conversation. This is also most apparent in the appropriately named “Sentence”.

“Candy” delves into darker territory in a hypnotizing psychedelic way. This is a song to turn up in your headphones and fall into the manic energy.

“Shithole”and “Eagle” contrastingly is the slower of the tunes, delving into regular indie pop territory. “I’m living in this shithole, not holding no one’s hands, hoping for something to take me off this land” Burke sings. The band is already living out this dream having played internationally. While quite good, the songs placed mid-record have you yearning for the faster weird stuff that drew you in in the first place.

Luckily that returns in the surf poppy “Two Oceans” and the teasing rhythms of “Humans” . “Coo Coo” is a great self-descriptor of the band because they are quite topsy turvy. The lyrics provide some great worplay with lines like “Distortion is motion that’s ridden, forbidden, don’t you dare.”

Near the end they make room for “One More”, returning to the pizazz of the album’s beginning. In the end it’s the crazy that is the most appreciated over the normal.