Last year I was in complete awe at The Hearn when Luminato brought the Unsound Festival experience to Toronto. This year I was stoked to see it make a comeback for the second time.

The lineup was as eclectic as it was last year and the atmosphere was just as distinct as I remembered it! Upon walking to the entrance during a very windy Saturday night, I could hear the music from the outside and as I walked in, it only got louder and more intense as the music echoed throughout the expansive warehouse.

The set up this year was a little different compared to last year, I liked how the side room had a nice entrance that flowed towards the entrance so there weren’t a ton of people trying to cut through the crowd. The mainstage was more or less the same as last year with a large projection screen serving as the background for the performers and lasers that were well programmed to the music that was playing.

Unsound was incredible. Banging techno all night at The Hearn. #LuminatoFestival #unsoundtoronto

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My favourite set was definitely Aurora Halal and Orphx at the side room, the techno they were playing was very different than what you usually hear in Toronto events, but I enjoyed getting exposed to new music. Evian Christ at the mainstage was quite the spectacle as well as he went through a variety of different styles in his set. I particularly enjoyed when he played the really hard hitting tracks, the lasers complemented the vibe beautifully.

Main stage of #unsoundtoronto was something else. #luminatofestival #toronto #hardtechno

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Art is a big focus of Luminato and Unsound festival, this year they brought in the world’s largest disco ball adding to the vibrant scenery of The Hearn, and it was a major attraction. I really enjoyed the Luminato branded art as well, I felt it was a nice touch even though it was a little corporate.

Another new addition to the festival this year was the merch section where they sold Unsound shirts and accessories that you can still purchase online.

I really hope Unsound makes a comeback next year, as It is one of Poland’s premiere electronic music festivals and its a privilege to have them bring the experience to us.

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