old and weird

Today is a great day for weird EPs. Old and Weird supply us with our annual dose of their madness.

First there’s the EP’s actual title, which is ‘You’re Not Welcome Here! O It’s You. I Couldn’t Tell As Your Hair Is So Different. Well, Through The Door You Will Find You Must Face The Darkest And Most Unusual Time Of The Turning World But You Must Not Fear The Coolness Of One Lazy Excursion For It Is Much Easier To Relax In Your Warm Ways Than To Squeeze Through The Small, Square Shape Of Another’s’

As you might expect, things don’t get any more normal when you dive into the music. The vocalist sings gamely, in a general garage pop style, but the surrounding music often fails to cooperate. “Comme C’est Deluxe” is probably the most conventional, but even that track undergoes at least one tempo shift. Then there are songs like “Welcome To My Home Suzanne Vega”, whose form is so tenuous that it threatens to fall apart at any moment.