[Album Review] Holy Fuck- Congrats
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Release Date: May 27, 2016
Label: Innovative Leisure / Last Gang

The band whose name may not be spoken in polite company make impressive strides forward with their latest effort, the highly anticipated ‘Congrats’. The vocals may be shoved to the back, but what is left in the spotlight is a solid gold combination of irrepressible groove and near-industrial grit.

The jangle-guitar optimism of “Neon Dad” sits well in the mix but it is far from indicative of the album’s tone. This point is driven home when that track is immediately followed by an abrasive KMFDM-like spurt of electronic percussion. Although tracks like “Acidic” sport an EDM sound, this is definitely not dance music. Nor is it rave music. There is too much bite in the electric guitar of “Tom Tom” and spine-crushing threat in the pounding of “House of Glass” to simply drift off in euphoria. And there is too much complexity in the arrangements throughout to mindlessly bang your head to the beat.

It’s not that there’s no joy in the music, but those shimmerings are just the lining. At the centre of the majority of the songs there is an uneasiness. A future paranoia perhaps. But that uneasiness provides an exciting edge, even as the band explores such sounds as stoner-gaze and jungle. Nothing is routine, nothing is dull. Everything is approached with verve and a completely fresh eye.

‘Congrats’ is like the Stone Roses dragged into the 21st century by way of NIN. If you looking for a tune that you can whistle or some lyrics that you can mutter under your breath at work then this is probably not your bag. This record is more about beat and rhythm than it is about melody and singing. But if you want killer grooves with a nasty edge then, holy f&%k, this is good.