[Album Review] PUP- The Dream Is Over
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Release Date: May 27th, 2016
Label: Royal Mountain Records / Side One Dummy

Do you remember being a teenager mad at the world in your room? That’s the essential mood you get in This Dream is Over.

We’re all that teenager deep inside and it’s as relatable no matter your age, sex or race, something that was super evident in PUP’s album release show for the album. “Why can’t we just get along?” Stefan Babcock exclaims in the opener “If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will”.

It’s the rebellious spirit in all of us that draws us to PUP. This spirit lives in everything from the title of the album Babcock was told by his doctors he shouldn’t sing or he would kill his vocal cords further. Thank goodness, he didn’t stop and he delivers some of the cleanest vocals. You know exactly what he’s saying at all times and the simplicity of the melodic structures allows anybody to sing (or scream) along.

If there’s a modern day punk band who would be like Drake to Toronto, PUP wouldn’t be a bad choice. I mean I don’t really think anybody else could shout the words “DON VALLEY PARKWAY” and make it work. The song also happens at a killer pace in riffs and vocally. The riffs make the songs as much as the words do. “Doubts” and “My Life Is Over Couldn’t Be Happier” wouldn’t be the same without the fun twangs.

“Your so embarrassing, don’t you know I’m over you?” exclaims the song “Old Doubts”, angry at an ex that came back to possibly try to wreck your life.

In this repeated line of “Familiar Patterns: “I spent a long time down in the basement, instead of rolling with the riff raff,” they explain their time spent trying to write songs instead of whatever it Is that people should be doing. PUP eludes to the doubts they received for wanting to make it as a band and in the climax they respond to statements like “Don’t quit your day job” with “Guess what, I never had one!”

The album ends with a PUP ballad, a bound to be live singalong ode to the North West Territories called “Pine Point”, inspired by a documentary called “Welcome to Pine Point”.

31 minutes passes quickly with “The Dream Is Over”” My advice to you: turn this up, trash some things.