[Album Review] Jessy Lanza- Oh No
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Release Date: May 13th, 2016
Label: Hyperdub

There’s a sense of minimalism when you listen to Jessy Lanza. There’s just the right amount of everything, never overdone and this is as true in Oh No as Pull My Hair Back.

The album’s lead single “VV Violence” highlights the attitude of Lanza’s signature vocals. It’s half singing, half talking as she declares, “I say it to your face but it doesn’t mean a thing.”  She’s more confident in this album, where there was some restraint in her previous album.

There’s still a sadness, anxiety that can be heard in the album’s lyrics and strangeness. “Going Somewhere’s” jittery production is like a person bottling nervous energy, that compliments the uncertainty of trying to impress someone that Lanza sings about. The album’s title track also returns to this subject but in a smokey falsetto before the coolest breakdown. The outstanding stripped-down production can be once again attributed to the co-production (Lanza produces too) magic of Junior Boys’ Jeremy Greenspan.

Lanza’s never claimed to have a powerhouse singing voice, using it creatively instead. One of the album’s standout tracks is “It Means I Love You” that employs both falsettos, talking and vocables into the most dance-floor ready tune. Everything sounds so genuinely simple, yet full of hooks but it’s Lanza’s magical style that allows her to deliver this successfully. “Never Enough” is a great example of this because anyone else delivering those lyrics may sound banal.

“Begins”, the second last track on the album Lanza asks “Everyone says you like it. But is it good enough for you?” The question could apply to this album, critically acclaimed and yes, it is good enough for us too.