[Album Review] Old Girl- Objet a
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Release Date: May 18th, 2016
Label: Independent

Nasstasia Ellefsen tears a page from fellow Victorian Sister Blanche’s playbook and takes a dramatic turn to the more dark and experimental on her latest release ‘Objet a’. The result is a stunning tour de force as she tackles topics ranging from the vagaries of love to the very nature of human existence itself, all the while entrancing us with eerie instrumentation.

Thanks to mournful guitar and eerie keyboards, the overall tone is one of murky gloom. That is not to say that things are morbid and depressing; it is more the sense of trepidation that comes with looking into the vast maw of the unknown. Ellefsen may be there to guide us down the path but it is a spooky one nevertheless.  This spookiness is not alleviated by her vocals either – it can be disquieting to hear a masculine sing-speak voice on “Abyss of Potentials” or the low growl on “Help Me To Embrace”. Even when Ellefson sings in her more normal higher pitch she often engages in some creepy harmonies (e.g. “Not The Marrying Type”).

‘Objet a’ succeeds because Ellefson melds the experimental and the accessible so that you are swept up in music that is generally familiar but unique in this particular delivery.