[Album Review] Laura Sauvage- Extraordinormal
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Release Date: March 25th, 2016
Label: Simone Records

Laura Sauvage (Vivianne Roy) may sing in French band Les Hay Babies but her English songwriting is just as as good, as proven in her solo release Extraordinormal.

Her twangy guitars and vocal delivery brings to mind Australian singer Courtney Barnett. There’s a cynical attitude through the whole thing  but embodies pleasant melodies to keep you listening. A great example is the melodic “Cyanide Breath Mint”. Some songs sound solo while others like “Have You Heard The Good News” have a full band and sound fuller in production and generous with reverb.

The album is youthful, tales of younger days, poking fun at things (“White Trash Theatre School”, “Fucker (Stole my phone)”). There are so many vivid lines that shows her craftsmanship as a songwriter. “Dresses and bow ties, painting a picture, inserting the happy, fucking the future”, Sauvage sings in “Nothing to Something & Vice Versa”.

Sauvage effectively paints the extraordinary in our every day ordinary lives, making the album title oh so appropriate.