Bad Channels, Nicole Dollanganger, STÜKA @ The Smiling Buddha 5/9/2016

As a huge fan of Grimes, I just had to see her first label signee Nicole Dollanganger at The Smiling Buddha last Monday.

As I walked in, experimental duo STÜKA was already on stage. Their music is dark and industrial, but they couldn’t really keep my attention because the lead singer spent 80% of the set with his back turned to the audience. Somebody needs to teach them about blocking!

Thankfully, Nicole Dollanganger saved the night with her doll-like presence. Her music is like if you stuck Grimes’ vocals on top of heavy metal guitars. That’s kind of what the live show is like too and it’s awesome. With sweet innocence she performed songs like “Angels of Porn”, “You’re So Cool” and “Beautiful and Bad”. She’s like a deceptive angel that got mixed with some devils.

Relatively new Buzz family member Bad Channels closed the night with synths and colourful lights.

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