Men I Trust @ Painted Lady 5/6/2016 #CMW2016

Music festivals, especially club hopping ones are a great opportunity to see things that come rarely to the city the rest of the year. I managed to coincidentally see a whole roster of acts from Montreal. On Friday, one of those was Men I Trust. Their friends Ghostly Kisses were also in town but were sadly at the same time as Charlotte Cardin the night prior.

Men I Trust played a moderately small venue, The Painted Lady in a nook at Ossington, but that didn’t matter. The group presented songs from last year’s Headroom in their chill-pop style mixing synthetic sounds with live guitar which shone most on the playful “Morse Code”. Though the album features some other vocalists, Friday night the spotlight was on Odile Marmet-Rochefort and Emmanuelle Proulx.

I hope more ears in Toronto hear them again soon!