Hannah Georgas, Alberta Cross @ Google Office 5/5/2016 #CMW2016

One of my most non-musical memorable moments of Canadian Music was taking a tour of the Toronto Google office. They had a variety of themed kitchens and activity rooms, my sort of ideal office.

The place was also host to a 3 day Happy Hour featuring performances by members. On Thursday this was Alberta Cross and Hannah Georgas. The former isn’t from Alberta at all. In fact, they aren’t even from Canada. They’re an Anglo-Swedish rock band currently based in New York City. The band rose to fame while being featured in video games and commercials but I didn’t find them particularly memorable live.

I was happy to see Hannah Georgas performing during Canadian Music Week. She had teased us with a new song “Don’t Go” and revealed some new ones during the live set which included vocals by Julie Fader. I’m super excited for the album to come out later this month!