Eyeballs, Partner, PONY, Pale Lips, Pins & Needles @ The Silver Dollar 5/4/2016 #CMW2016

On Wednesday, Ride the Tempo hosted our first ever showcase during Canadian Music Week in partnership with The Silver Dollar’s NeXT program. The night’s lineup was special consisted of mainly female fronted bands.

Pins & Needles began the night. The first thing that popped out at you was Nastasia’s keytar, which was absolutely rad. When they played “Mystic Women” they demonstrated a strength to their loudness. “Mystic woman got no control over herself” Deanna sang, making her way past the wild squeal of keys. Aside from singing “Queen of the Streets,” the band do channel such a high role with banging drums and the style of Patti Smith. Despite an issue with a strap, the group proved that they can do surf rock and sound like No Doubt at the same time (“Trains”).

Nobody gets hurt until they give Pale Lips their candy! The band can be a fun-loving beach punk act with one track and a dirty Ramones-like band on another.  “Don’t take your switchblade to New York,” the Montreal band sang, doing their best to make sure their rock is with sprinkles. Their tracks were fast and ready to jump the toll booth rather than pay it. If you have a sweet tooth, then Pale Lips might be your jam.

The killer night continued with Toronto’s PONY presenting a too-short set of killer garage pop. The trio of Sam Bielanski, Cristina Naccarato and Matt Sandrin are like Alvvays with a bit of edge live. Right now the group has a 4 song EP available on Bandcamp, but hopefully we’ll be treated with some new music soon.

Sackville, New Brunswick was doing a 3 day residency at The Silver Dollar and Wednesday night was their first of the run. We’d fallen in love with them during their show at Wavelength. Their set was full of playful guitar solos and funny stories about being lesbian or high. A Partner show is a recommended if you want to have an awesome time to music that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The showcase ended with Eyeballs. The duo of Jenn Kitagawa and Britt Proulx was joined by a third member for the night. Wearing glittery masks, the group rotated between guitar, effects and drums as they closed off the night with noisy art rock.

We’d like to thank everyone who came out and sharing such a magical night!