[Album Review] Bart- Holomew
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Release Date: April 8th, 2016
Label: Idée Fixe

With a band name like Bart and an album called Holomew, you can tell these guys are making music for joy, entertainment, to entertain themselves. It’s not commercialism they are after, it’s a good time.

“I hope you know you’ve done a lot for us, I hope you know I’ve done a lot of drugs,” they sing in opener “On/Off” between instrumental solos. For a debut, they are unafraid to be progressive. One of the masterpieces, “Hurricane Rita” doesn’t even have vocals but shows off instrumental mastery in a way that doesn’t sound too jam band. There isn’t really ever a predictable sense of where things are going and that’s something that has given this band a sort of cult following in the city, with their growing live audience.

The sly saxophone creeps in at the longing sounding “Times of Gold” a track nostalgic for better times. Their experimentation never gets too tiresome. “Yeah” may take you on a ride but it’s an enjoyable one that abruptly stops as you eagerly await it to continue.

“Pleased to meet you, but I’m falling backwards from the ground, the wall is coming down,” they whimsically sing in “Hello”. It’s a song about being lost but the way it is presented is rather fun pop, like if the Beatles crossed with Tame Impala. The album ends with the philosophical “Why”, leaving us to answer all life’s questions for ourselves and of course asking when the next Bart album is coming.