Tough Age, Century Palm, Germaphobes, Long Branch @ Monarch Tavern 4/23/2016

Last night, the Monarch Tavern was where it’s at with a Wavelength sponsored lineup of Tough Age, Century Palm, Germaphobes and Long Branch.

The night began with Long Branch with members of bands gone by like Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Venus Cures All, Black Heel Marks, Crash Kills Five and Chicken Milk. Their sound is at heart alt-country but with a bit of punk flare.

Germaphobes set was playful with songs like “Magic Eye” which delivered delightful psych-pop.

New wave punksters Century Palm got the audience grooving with their surf-rocky guitars and pop vocals. The retro-futurists take you on a journey you want to go on. Particularly fun to watch live is drummer Jesse Locke who might be the happiest drummer you’ll ever see.

The night ended with Tough Age (a band I thought was defunk last year when I went to their “final show“.) They played with their original lineup unleashing bubblegum punk into a Toronto crowd that was the least stiff I’ve seen in a while. Everyone let loose and was dancing or at very least bobbing their heads. Here’s to hoping that Tough Age exist a little bit longer.