[Album Review] Operators- Blue Wave
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Release Date: April 1st, 2016
Label: Last Gang Records

It’s no denying that Dan Boeckner knows how to write addictive pop hooks. He’s done it in Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs, Divine Fits. With Operators, who gathered together in 2013, it’s different. This is dance music made through analog means with synth master Devojka. In Blue Wave we get the dance party we missed in Handsome Furs and so much more.

There’s creeping aspects of punk-rock in Blue Wave as well, particularly in tracks like the opener “Rome” and the dark lyrics of “Bring Me the Head”. It’s a fair collaboration, Boeckner’s vocals may take the forefront but just as important are the sparkling synth lines that have their own solo at times (“Control”, “Mission Creep”). It’s not all electropop, we get the occasional rock-leaning numbers like “Cold Light” and “Evil”. The album’s title track even adds in a sexy saxophone line, illustrating the freedom Boeckner is singing about.

There’s no argument that Blue Wave will get the listener grooving, though at times the songs that clock in at an average of 4 minutes, it may seem long for it to build it up to the epic disco. But things that are worth it always take time.